I first launched dinocarl.com 10 years ago with the help of a great friend and true web expert, Shinji Kuwayama. I’m very happy to say that much hasn’t changed - a special thanks to him for helping getting this latest version up and running. My wife, Heather, deserves an extra special thanks for her patient listening during my various dronings-on about this web technology or the other. Thanks also to Samantha Bornemann for offering helpful insights into improving the design.

The intention of the site was then as it is now, to showcase my portfolio. Adding new content to it, therefore, has always been a priority. My web site’s last iteration wasn’t particularly conducive to this, but my ability to write HTML allowed me to hard code new content whenever I needed it. With this iteration, adding some convenient mechanisms for adding new content was the first big design objective.

The second was to make navigation a lot easier. The previous version had what is called in design circles, a “mystery meat” navigation system. I knew that when I made it and I liked it a great deal. I felt I could use it because the audience of my web site were people I already knew and I could rely on their patience in finding what they were looking for, and maybe they’d get a chuckle out of looking for it. I’m hoping this version will expand my audience, or at the very least, no longer try the patience of friends and family as they look for my latest work.

I hope my visitors enjoy this version of the site - I enjoyed making it. Send me a message if you’d like to let me know.