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  • Diary of a Skull Man

    A big reason why I redid my website almost 2 years ago was to make posting new stuff easier. To be honest, I think it is easier, it’s just that I have a lot less free time than I used to post new material. But here is something new (relatively,… Read on

  • Site Relaunched!

    I first launched 10 years ago with the help of a great friend and true web expert, Shinji Kuwayama. I’m very happy to say that much hasn’t changed - a special thanks to him for helping getting this latest version up and running. My wife, Heather, deserves an… Read on

  • About My Work

    Portraits of friends and dinosaur illustrations do not have so little in common. The imperative of realism in the representation of these subjects may seem to tie them together, but it is in fact how this requirement is thwarted that intertwines them. Both have a similar unrealizability in two dimensions…. Read on

Recent Artwork

  • Carmella

    Full Image

  • Tyrannosaurus rex 3

    The third of three dinosaur pictures I drew for my son to color. Not only was this based on the model I made of this animal, but the pose was from a frame in an animation I made from a different perspective. Like the others, it was sketched in… Full Image

  • Chasmosaur 2

    The second of three dinosaur pictures I drew for my son to color. Again, I used the 3D model of this animal I made as a reference and then sketched it out in Painter. Download a printable version of this image if you’d like to color it as well… Full Image

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